May 10th, 2005


PARTY! (Another one??)

Yes, another one! sebastian_lux is holding his birthday party at mine on SUNDAY 29th May (that's the middle of the Bank Holiday weekend). Usual rules apply - BYO stuff, let me know if you need crash space or directions. As always there may be a BBQ weather permitting.

Apparently there is a jam theme to this one. Work out what that means but if it's messy it happens outside :)
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My chick's more of a biker than I am..!

I've just walked into my kitchen to find parts of kissycat1000's new bike lying over my kitchen table..! And this was after she roped me (literally) into helping her change her rear shock absorber. We strung up her bike with rope and managed to change it without having to take off the tank or rear wheel.. but it was a bit touch and go - the bike could have toppled at any moment! For future reference, I am not doing that again..

I'm half expecting to find an engine being degreased in my sink next...

UPDATE: And she's just come in and got beer..
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