May 3rd, 2005

nice fish


My not-so-sensible moves over the last 24 hours:
  • Forgetting I had to get up early until just before I went to bed last night at gone 1am
  • Remembering to go straight to the other site at work to cover for someone (good) but forgetting that it was a 'smart' day as we had a client visiting on site (bad)
  • Going shopping after I got home when I was hungry :/
  • Trying to poison a still fragile kissycat1000 with my attempts at healthy cooking :/ (note to self: baked potatoes: 10 minutes in microwave first, not 20; mange tout in 3 mins before end, not for the whole 20..)
  • Not getting to sleep at a sensible time tonight
I know the last one hasn't technically happened yet but I think we can take it as read...
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