March 15th, 2005


Very Quick Re-Entry

  • Email problem at work fixed *huge sigh of relief* - sendmail patch required
  • This has sparked off renewed talks of email solutions *sigh*
  • Bike fixed! Yay!
  • Oh, bike not actually fixed at all. They've not done any of the original things it was in for. Bike still in menders.
  • Teeth cleaned!
  • kissycat1000 rode her bike today!
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The bike chap said the bike sounded 'very rough'. If that's the case, then the replacement petrol cap I bought didn't do the trick. That means that I wasted the money on the petrol cap. Plus the tank is still letting in water. Gutted.

I now think it could be to do with the angle the bike leans over on its side stand. To test this theory, I will leave the bike on its centre stand.

I have to say I'm rather depressed about it all.
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