March 5th, 2005


Things that go bump in the night

Last night, just gone midnight, kissycat1000 and I were safely tucked up in bed. Suddenly (as is the only way these things happen), the doorbell rang. I ignored it. It rang again. I ignored it again. Persistently, and somewhat irritatingly, it rang again. I set my shoulder to it and pointedly ignored it again. After the fourth time it rang kissycat1000 asked me to pass her the dressing gown.

I heard a voice say "Hello, I just wanted to relieve myself in your front garden". Grumbling, I got out of bed and rather quickly made my way downstairs. Of course, I didn't have a dressing gown. My plan was to run out there shouting at the drunkard, hopefully scaring him off with my.. er.. nakedness.

So, I was surprised, relieved and a little embarassed to discover it was in fact fiendster who'd stopped off on his way back home, a little tiddly. We stayed up chatting and catching up until 2:40am, when I decided we'd really better get some sleep.

Ugh. So tired this morning, so much to do. Crazy drunken friends++ :)
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