January 10th, 2005

nice fish

This updating melarkey is eluding me.

Well, phooey. I have not a lot to say, but I'm aware I haven't really updated about my not a lot to say for a while.

Still suffering from tiredness and waking up at stupid hours. Thought it might have disappeared for a few days but it seems to be back again. Oh; one side of my face had swollen up for a while, but I think that's gone again, which is a relief.

I've been to cool places and not posted photos or anything yet - can't believe how lax I'm being. Also, those of you I sometimes e-Scrabble with may have noticed a marked decline in both quantity and quality of moves. Both of these can be ascribed to my aforementioned lack of being awake.

In other news I am finally moving on one of my little side projects. It involves money, geekery and hopefully some magic with lights which should prove very satisfying :)

Also resolve to get the plumber in and stuff so momentum is there if in a sort of clandestine manner.

Right, time for bed.
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