November 27th, 2004

nice fish

Speaker review - part 6 !! (unfriend me now!)

Okay. We finally took dylan's advice and borrowed some Tannoy Sensys DC2s - Woohoo! Finally got pretty much the best of both worlds! Detail, airiness, presence (sometimes too much).. but. Again - splashy treble (my amp) - and a slight harshness which may make them difficult to listen to in the long term.

The speakers were borrowed for kissycat1000 and she is now playing them on her hifi. The splashiness is gone, but the harshness is still there. Listening to aggresively recorded stuff at the moment is painful after a while - bear in mind the speakers haven't been run in yet and we're tired from listening most of the day.

kissycat1000 is in a quandry, so she's going to play them constantly and see if they mellow a bit.

In fact, dylan has arrived and put black and red striped socks.. no, now gloves.. over the 'super-tweeters'. Aah that's so much less painful.

If they don't mellow, she'll probably go for the Naims. I'm still undecided. I don't know if I can live with the Castles now I know I can get both presence and liveiness, but harshness as well? Hmm.
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