November 24th, 2004


More speakerage!

After last night's emotional audio-coaster we decided to pop in to Audio-T this morning to see if we could borrow something different, after browsing their special offer loudspeaker section on their website. I saw these Castle Howard S2s (image of newer S3s but practically identical looks-wise) going for £400, but in the shop they were only £350, so I've borrowed them and really look forwards to trying them tonight. Apparently they are 'smooth', which may well suit my room a lot better than anything else we've tried. Quite excited as if they work that'll be £1,000's worth of speaker for £350! :)

kissycat1000 has a pair of Naim something-or-other's she plans to try tonight as well, but she wants to try the Castle Howards on her system as well at some point, and the 914s just to see how much my room (and hifi) is affecting the sound.

Work is really busy, but we might have a break-through with the slow email problem - it looks like Messagelabs aren't trying any mail servers except for the primary - if the primary is overloaded it times out, causing delays. Sendmail immediately retrys with a lower priority mail server which works fine. If it does turn out to be the case, I wonder if they will give us some money back for debugging their servers *sigh*.
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Speaker review - part 2

Okay. So I'm sitting here with these Castle Howard S2s that I've just plonked in place without spikes or anything. Pretty much as expected really. No nasty boominess - apart from one large one that makes people sound quite nasal. I'm beginning to suspect the room more than anything else. However, they are detailed, although laid back. Lacking punchiness even at reasonable volume (these have 90dB sensitivity), I decided to fiddle. I turned off the Class-A output on my amp, which turned the output up from 25W RMS to 100W RMS per channel. This did wonders to the dynamic-ness of the sound. And again the same with the source direct button. With it selected, the sound was flat and lacked stereo imagery; with it switched off (ie. passing through the bass and treble controls which are turned to neutral) the sound comes to life.

I will have to fiddle more and try the Mordaunt Short 914s again.

The Suzanne Vega bucket test is passed :)

I'm pretty happy with these and don't feel afraid that I'll grow to dislike them; they suit the room. I'm not blown away but then I don't think I can be with the rest of my setup.

My current leaning is to keep these unless I can find something better, and I do plan to keep looking.
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