September 28th, 2004


Too much to post about, not enough time!!

So for now I'm going to talk about something that really touched me the other day. kissycat1000 bought me a small gift which she'd forgotten about until recently. A long time ago a little spring-loaded clip I had to connect the bike luggage keys to the main keys snapped and was useless, so I ended up putting them all on the same ring - not so desirable. She'd spied another spring-loaded clip and bought it for me. Unfortunately it was rather bigger and heavier than the one that broke so I didn't feel comfortable using it on the bike and it whipping around and damaging things, but the thought was lovely and I was really touched.

I've spent a lovely few hours here and there with her recently and I just wanted to say I'm very utterly in love with the most wonderful woman ever :) *blows a kiss*
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A mystery of the modern world

Petrol (fuel) stations. I just went to a petrol station during my lunch break and a number of the pumps were 'out' of diesel. It's just occurred to me that presumably for the pump to be 'out' of diesel it must have run out on someone at some point. Has it happened to you? Do you know anyone it's happened to? I certainly don't.

A mystery huh? Can anyone give me a better explanation than the one I thought of below?

My only explanation is that they must put the pump out of action notices on when it gets low rather than completely empty.
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