August 23rd, 2004

nice fish

An actual post!

On Saturday kissycat1000, Jordan and I went to Bristol to meet up with ev1ldonut and go to the bike show. Jordan didn't like it as it was very very loud in places. However, spending the afternoon with both kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut was really nice :)

Saturday night I got to spend some time to myself, so after fixing my computer (stupid memory timings) I played lots of Doom III on my new shiny graphics card. Great fun. :)

Sunday we went back to Bristol for lunch which was fun, but the house was quite packed which I wasn't really expecting/prepared for, so felt a bit unsociable as I set up my computer for people to geek over. The rest of Sunday I spent feeling rather tired and I don't feel much better now. Today I'm on an early but the rest of the week is normals, thankfully.

At work the new Windows Administrator has started, which is good.
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12 crushes, 7 mutual? Since when? Although I suppose I could believe it if people did the add/remove thing recently..
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