July 7th, 2004


Well that was nearly an expensive mistake..

I've just got back from gavzilla's, where I spent an enjoyable hour eating his food and drinking his beer and playing on his home-rebuilt arcade machines (well cool!).

gavzilla saved my hard earned. I was under the influence from the evil Dr. Protectacoat. He wanted £5700 to coat just the front of my house - and that was with a 'Display Property' discount of £1900. How much? There was this 'referral scheme' he talked about as well. Arrived at 6pm, didn't leave until 10pm. Oh, and I had to buy tonight or the 'Display Property' scheme wouldn't be available to me. All this from a no-pressure salesman.

gavzilla talked sense into me and I turned him down.

That was my first and last experience with a salesman. No more shall enter my home; I shall feel free to choose my own products without someone 'helping' me.
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