April 14th, 2004



Another seven friends pages later and I'm finally caught up. Am feeling a bit better though, thanks for all your concern. One pleasing thing to note is I'm REALLY enjoying my new job so far - it's a small enough company that I feel I can really make a difference. People respect me and my abilities mainly without prejudice; other than the firefighting of general support I'm able to suggest and get on with my own projects to improve and ease everyone's lives. I'm reasonably rapidly scaling up the size of the projects I'm starting so soon I will be getting my teeth into good useful work. I'm also in the process of instructing at least one colleague in the black arts of linux/perl etc etc, which is very fulfilling.

Life on the home front has been stressful, upsetting and demoralising. Hence my depression and not feeling very sociable. It's tough for those around me as well, and not everyone has a turnaround in another area of their lives to buoy them. One step at a time, stick to the plan we know is good.
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