October 18th, 2003


Last night..

Last night was Judder. We managed to collect ninneviane and jo_kat from some pub near the centre of town (god knows how they managed to end up THERE!) and drove a short distance before parking up to go to the club.

Judder was fun, made all the more so by fiendster's amusing attempts at dancing and attempts to drag everyone and anyone off to the dancefloor. He was so funny!

Spent a good deal of the night chatting to ninneviane and jo_kat, which was really nice. It was great to finally meet ninneviane (and her arse!)

This morning, kissycat1000, like the good girlfriend she is, has gone out to get McDonald's breakfasts for ev1ldonut and I. See ninneviane and jo_kat, I'm not as under the thumb as you thought! *grins*
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