October 13th, 2003


Temporary Measures

I haven't thanked people for their kind, thoughtful and useful comments in my journal of late. So, thank you. And thank you too to kissycat1000 who understands what I need. I have offered comfort and advice to so many people so many times before now; it's still so disarming when it happens to you though. I am not sure how things will pan out at present, but I am considering More Drastic Action to help with my current situation, ranging from visiting the doc, to taking holiday of some form, to.. well.. just about anything.

In the mean time, following a suggestion from kissycat1000, I plan to use my journal to document my feelings. They'll be in locked posts, and (nearly) always behind a cut. I considered (am still considering?) setting up another journal for this purpose but in all honesty this journal really is me. And me isn't too great right now, but I want to remain true to that. It'd be like denying that these feelings are me, despite the fact they're a symptom of depression.

I guess I just want to say feel free to skip over them, they're really just for me anyway. Anything in them that makes reference to things in my life are likely to be a) twisted, b) imagined, c) not true or d) all of the above. So please don't take offense. If you'd rather not see them, let me know (although I'd prefer not to have to set up filters or feel I have to filter out aspects of my life for anyone etc, but I respect people's right to choose whether to read them or not).
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