September 24th, 2003

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As kissycat1000 says I'm not feeling great. And to make matters worse, no milk, so black tea and coffee *yeuch*

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kissycat1000 mentioned all the vinyl she (and I) bought yesterday. I just have to say that Black Sabbath - TYR was the first record in the collection for sale that I clapped eyes on. I couldn't believe it! An album I've had trouble getting in the past and here it was on vinyl. I really wanted a copy for kissycat1000's house so vinyl it was *grin*.

We're just about finished listening to The Cult - Electric, which was highly recommended by both people in the hifi shop. And now I know why - very good :) Now I'm listening to TYR for the first time on vinyl and I'm falling in love with it all over again in a different way *sighs happily*

I will be going back to Bristol after tea today because I need to sort out the dodgy harddisk in The Beast and I won't get a chance to before the weekend otherwise (and I'd rather not lose the 1TB on there). Also, a friend of kissycat1000's is coming around for a girly night tonight so I had better have pissed off *grin*
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