July 28th, 2003



Yesterday afternoon, outside the pub, my bike decided to do its usual trick and refuse to even turn over when I tried to start it. Luckily the pub is on a big hill, so with a little help from stuartl I rolled down the hill and bump-started it.

Of course that had me worried that this morning was going to be a problem, as the hill outside my house is much less steep and I've failed to start it on that hill before. I didn't mess around getting up and got out to find it in the same state as before. Not to worry, I was expecting this. Before I got my helmet on I sat on the bike and stood it upright. After a couple more flicks of the switch the starter spluttered into life. I think it has something to do with showing it who's boss *grin*. I expect it will be fine for ages now. Very puzzlesome. It occasionally trips me up and makes me pay attention to it.. but it certainly makes a great euphemism ;)

On another note, this girl fascinates me..

On another another note, this girl makes me very happy :)

And finally, I found my headphones, so all the work I have to do today can be done to music! Hurrah!
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    Smoke City - Underwater Love


Too much caffeine, not enough sleep.
Too much fooling, not enough work.
Too much thinking, not enough silence.
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    Ani Difranco - Know Now Then