June 16th, 2003

nice fish

Mostly Harmless.

The plan for the weekend went.. according to plan, which was nice. I dropped my bike off at a different dealership to have it's MOT done (the one I usually use has just got a really big performance tuning rig and now they don't have room to do MOT's - DOH!).

On Saturday morning we tidied and shuffled more stuff in kissycat1000's place. Sooon, soooooon I tell you, it will be her house :)

sciamachy along with wife Sue and baby Frank came to visit to pick up some baby things. We went to the pub for lunch. kissycat1000 talks about it here. Later on sciamachy and I went back to the bike place to pick up my bike. I think this may have been a bad idea for sciamachy.

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So, all in all, meh. I have to tinker with my bike. I hope trying to fit the pads myself will not end up costing me more than to let the bike shop do it. Ah well. I shall try and get some rear pads today and fit them this evening.
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Note to self:

I dislike bureaucracy. Intensely. Being a Project Manager involves far too much of that. My job at the moment involves being a Project Manager. Therefore it follows that at the moment, I intensely dislike my job.
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