May 19th, 2003

nice fish

Update thingy

Well, no social life worth speaking of. No real progress on the job front due to apathy on my part, so I have kept myself amused by being geeky. On Saturday I spent the entire day fixing up Tianna's computer so it does something moderately useful now. I also spent far too long researching what bits to get to make my quiet machine for the front room and ordering them online.

I will be more geeky but with a social aspect this coming weekend where I shall meet up with some old uni friends for a LAN in Reading, which should be fun :)

Looked up mortgages and such-like to see if I could inspire myself to get on with it but it looks like even with an increased wage it's going to be hard to find a place that really comes close to what I want unless I get Help from people. So apathy continues. But it will change reasonably soon, I hope.

Work is being ill-defined and uninspiring as per usual. Just of a slightly different flavour to usual.

The impending bike-crisis looms ever closer. Hope it's good news that will enable me to carry on for another year :)

UPDATE: Looks like I'm really going to need more than a few cups of tea for this one..
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