April 15th, 2003

nice fish

Back and recovered ;)

Thanks to my two gorgeous nurses *grin*. Had a great (extended) weekend what with geeky roleplaying on the Saturday where I slaughtered a 20th level fighter/mage by the skin of my teeth, ghostpaw's party in the evening, lunch and socialising on the Sunday and enjoying the company of kissycat1000 and uberredfraggle. We even engaged in some photography which was one step removed from the standard point-and-click with some reasonable results, considering the thrown-togetherness of it all. I'll leave it to them to decide which to show you :)

Feeling a bit sore-throaty understandibly but lots of tea seems to have helped. Looks like the release of the code is going to happen tomorrow after I did a spot of optimising, getting a process that took 10 hours down to about 10 minutes. Am I good or what? ;)

Now, on to more important news - I finally got a letter back from the courts with my license in and details of the results of my speeding case. I have 6 points and a £210 fine (plus £35 costs) to pay. This is Good News™ - it could have been up to £1,000 and/or a ban or disqualification. So, now all I have to do is spend lots of money on the fine and sorting the bike out and I'm set for summer!

I'll be on 9 points though, so I'll be being a bit careful then, as I have been since Christmas.

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That's it for now. Feel generally good if somewhat shagged (!). Looking forward to a fresh perspective at work and so forth. :)
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