March 26th, 2003

nice fish

Two pints at lunchtime sir? Suits you...

Now then now then. I thought I should explain my crapness with spelling (*grins* at feanelwa), my forthrightness with whotheheckami, my utter utter confusion at dennyd and wechsler (bastards!), and wildeabandon. It seems even squeeza and fiendster are at it now!!

The reason for all this was the two pints I had thrust into my hand at the pub lunch today. Now don't get me wrong, I love pub lunches, especially when the beer is free. But it does make doing work very difficult for the rest of the day. Especially when you have to concentrate on the stuff you're trying to do.

In other news, I heard from olsw today, which was great. I hope he's going to update his journal soon :) Sorry I didn't have time to talk to you earlier bud.
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