January 25th, 2003


Digitec and a motorbike ride!

Digitec was cool, met aeia and cybershawn there, and bumped into shevek too :) Nattered at reasonable length to all of them. I think it's called socialising. Admired a few people there. A young guy in a tight-fitting white t-shirt who was a keen dancer. A young goth chick with a very tight fitting small rubber skirt - mmmm. And a guy who looked like Legolas, except harder, tattooed and gothed-up. He had waist length long bleach-blonde hair done in a partial top-knot in Legolas style.

In other news, I think I might have managed to persuade aeia to reinsure her bike in time for the Fred Hill ride on Saturday the 8th of February. It starts at 12 noon at Chievely Services (J13 on the M4, the junction with the A34). Leaving Chievely shortly after noon, having a 10-15 min break at the Peartree Services on the Oxford Ring Road, we should be in Oxford before 2 pm. A wreath will be laid at the cross marking the position where the Martyrs were burnt (Broad Street), and a couple of speeches made. In the evening there is to be a party at The Plough Inn, Arncott, although I don't know if kissycat1000 and myself will be there as we might have to be back before the evening.

So far I know that myself, kissycat1000 and dennyd are definitely going to be on the ride. kissycat1000's dad and possibly his girlfriend might be on the ride if the weather's fine. aeia is hopefully going to come along.

I'm hoping to meet uberredfraggle in Oxford at some point, and also diffrentcolours.

Anyone else want to come along or meet us in Oxford afterwards, possibly having a party with a load of other bikers in The Plough Inn?? ;)
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