January 9th, 2003

nice fish


I'm on the train back to Bristol. Haha - this is the first time I have been able to really appreciate the new battery the company got for this laptop *grin*.

Unexpectedly met up with dylan after the trains were messed up and I messed him around. He missed his replacement coach and ended up getting on the same train as me. I called him as the train pulled into Maidenhead and saw him just as the train slowed down so I knew he'd be getting on my carriage *grin*. Had an expensive and unpleasant Burger King at Reading station with him before he went back to his sister's to stay and I got on the delayed train to Bristol.

Finally cracked the problem in Slough, slightly unsatisfactory but it's worked out OK.

Tomorrow I'm working out how much time to take off seeing as I've worked late every day (until 7ish) and I won't be getting back until about 11pm tonight, plus of course the fact I got up at 6am on Tuesday. I think most of the day will be sufficient :D

Looking forwards to getting back and assembling the surprise, hopefully in time for the weekend! *grin* Hope he appreciates it.
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