January 8th, 2003


The Princess And The Pea

I'm on client site atm and I've managed to get net access on my laptop by some crafty means. The boss is away in a meeting and I can't progress any further now until he comes back, so I thought I'd TRY and catch up with LJ and make a quick post *grin*.

Last night I stayed in a hotel and after having dinner I realised that the room was rather noisy due to the air conditioning fans on the roof of the floor below outside my window. I have had experiences of trying to sleep in a hotel room before now listening to aircon and I've just not had a good experience so in the end I decided to call reception and get them to change my room for me. A 50 year old irish man came up who of course couldn't hear anything. The first room we tried was no good either as it was just further along the same corridor, so after some more faffing around I got him to relocate me into another room on the other side of the building. This also had the plus of not being next to the major road as well.

But then the aircon in that room wouldn't switch off and it was driving me mad! Talk about princess and the pea syndrome!!

Hopefully I will be finished today but I won't if I can't get on with my work *sigh*
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