December 17th, 2002

nice fish

"It's not bikes that kill, it's stupid car drivers!"

Rode to Cheltenham Motorcycles today because my bike was running rough as fuck.

On a straight bit of road there were three cars in a line. The front one turns off right into a sideroad. The other two aren't indicating so I indicate and start to overtake. Just as I draw level with the first car it starts to turn off to the right - no looking in the mirror, no signalling. I must have missed him by inches.

As I roar off onto the road ahead in fright I look in my mirror and see the white van stop halfway through it's turn. At least I gave the driver a shock and they won't be doing that again in a hurry. But had the timing been any different it could have been an entirely different story.

Wake up? Please? You're going to kill someone.

As for myself, I shall be cautious of people who could be going slow enough to turn, whether or not they might be going slowly for other reasons.

Anyway, turns out my bike is running rough because it's most likely fouled the spark plugs. Apparently Triumphs do that, and you have to start it differently in winter to avoid it. In the mean time I have three spark plugs which I need to fit myself because I can't afford another 50 quid bill. I need some help to do it though I think :/
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