November 20th, 2002

nice fish

An improvement

Well last night neither kissycat1000 nor I could sleep. Me because I had continuous scenarios running through my head with the associated mix of emotions and kick of adrenaline, and kissycat1000 because I kept her awake by talking to her. Sorry about that :/

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I don't believe it is normal that the police should be called when a father comes to pick up his kids. I don't believe Rob was acting in a responsible or rational manner. I don't believe the kids are safe when he gets stressed. I hope we never have to go down any path that this line of thoughts implies.
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nice fish

The domino effect

I have just called up my boss at work to let him know I won't be in again tomorrow. This means that they have to pay the room at the hotel tonight because it's too late to cancel.

I feel guilty about this, but as I explained to my colleague I have been ill, got a bad night's sleep as a result of personal stress and felt so physically and emotionally drained I have not been thinking straight all day and only just realised I'm not well enough to live up to the demands being made on me:

  • 1.5-2 hours riding in freezing wet weather
  • Sleeping in an unfamiliar place (which I never do well)
  • Working my arse off to live up to some deadlines, including having pressure put on me to complete with all the politics to go with it
  • Having to work in the evening as well at the hotel because I took the day off sick before.

kissycat1000 graciously offered me use of the car but even then I thought if I could manage the ride down the other demands that would be made of me would either make me ill again or I'd feel very frustrated and guilty that I couldn't perform at my usual rate.

So I have told him that I will contact him when I feel well enough to work again. I'm thinking the beginning of next week would be a good idea. I will see if I can get some work done perhaps on Friday but logistics being as they are next week is the earliest time that makes any sense. This is good in that it will give me proper time to recover.
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