October 25th, 2002



Got the rear tyre changed on the bike today for the princely sum of £135. The bad news is that the rear brake has been rubbing and has almost completely worn out the pad on one side. This apparently is due not to the brake caliper cylinders siezing, but due to the arm that allows movement of the whole caliper siezing.

At best this means that they will have to fiddle with it to free it up and fit new pads - 1.5 hours of labour. At worst it will destroy the arm in the process but they can't be bought separately from the caliper, so that would be £225 new. Or I could get a second hand one but that would come to about the same with the labour to free the inevitably siezed caliper.

So it could be 70-80 odd quid or it could be more like 300 including having a spare bike for the few days while they order one. Bum. Fingers crossed eh? Bang go my plans of getting out of debt *sigh*.

Still it's the weekend. Hopefully we'll get rid of a load of rubbish out of kissycat1000's house and start being able to sort out what's left :)
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