October 14th, 2002

nice fish

Another blast from the past..

Well I decided now was as good a time as any to get in touch with my ex Kerry. She was in as well! Had a good natter, let her know I had a new bike and that I was planning to take holiday, ride around the country sometime soon visiting friends and she let me know I was welcome, which was nice :)

Apparently her parents don't think much of me because I bailed out on her on the holiday to China we'd planned, but she doesn't have a problem with me. It was nice to chat to her and catch up briefly on things. She's been going out with a friend of her younger brother's Robbie for 5 weeks now, having fun as she always does.

I thanked her for the presents she sent me for my birthday. I explained I hadn't tried to call as I thought she was in America. She told me she left the note she sent me in with the presents open-ended so that explains it. She'd only gone for 11 days lol. Ah well. Was nice to hear from her :)