September 4th, 2002


LJ problems & Reading Ride Out update!

It seems there's a problem with LJ at the moment - some people can't log in properly. See this news item for more information.

Anyway, I made a protected post to the people who need to know with the directions and details for the Reading Ride Out - with this problem it's occured to me people might not have been able to read this post. If that is the case, leave a comment on this post / email me (details in profile) and I'll email it to you! Make sure I have some way of getting your address of course :)

I'd be grateful if people would leave a comment on here to say if they're coming or not, and whether they're going to be going straight there and back or will want to stay at kissycat1000's in Cheltenham on either/both the Friday and Saturday nights so we get an idea of the situation..

Ta all
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