August 28th, 2002


LOL oh dear ;)

A birthday text message from dylan:

Happy birthday to you, cos you're old and smell of poo, happy birthday dear Alex, I'm too old and pooey to remember the last bit ha ha
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Oooh pictures!

Well I gave up finding a driver for the combined audio/modem card for my and kissycat1000's mate's computer. So I took some pictures of the cards I got for you all to see :)

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I got given a t-shirt with the great slogan:
        sober /adj.&n- a disturbing
        period of time between
        drinking sessions.

A couple of Black Sabbath CDs - a replacement for TYR which got stolen in Leicester and also The Best of Black Sabbath.

A Haynes manual for my bike.. I've had a flick through it and it seems daunting from what I can see so far. Hopefully dylan and stuartl will be able to help/continue helping me out with my bike until I get with it enough :)

I also got a small leather and metal contraption (weighs a ton!) which we had a lot of fun with last night ;)

And finally a rather Monty Python-esque picture of dylan. I think ghostpaw will be grateful I cut her out of this one as she was contorting to avoid the killer rabbit rat at the time...

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