August 19th, 2002

nice fish

Wow.. my faith in the human race is (almost) restored..!

I got back from work today (early *grin*) and took my panniers off my bike. My car that I used to lock my bike to is now in Cheltenham because kissycat1000's car is just about to die. So looking around I spotted the short railings that stop the kids from running out of the park opposite onto the road. After some maneuvering I manage to get the bike to be reasonably stable and attached to the railings by the chain.

Just as I was examining the bike for stability I got hailed by a local; one of the group who I gathered with a while back when there was this rather nice new 1300 purple shaft-drive Yamaha being ridden around. After seeing me attempt to attach it to the railings they offered to let me park it in their garage off the road! So I did! I was almost at a loss for words. They know that my old bike got stolen. I offered to pay them rental for the garage space, but I was refused. I think if I forsee myself doing that often what I will do is offer to help them with their computers if they have them / would appreciate that. :)

I feel lots happier, and very grateful towards the people on my street :)

UPDATE: Uh, except I really need to go shopping. Not so convenient after all *sigh*. Never mind, I still appreciate the fact it's a lot safer where it is :)
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