August 1st, 2002



*wipes tears from eye*

Aah - was just talking to kissycat1000 of all people. This was the rather funny discourse:

KC: 'You should do.. she's been working really hard on her dissertion'
Me: (puzzlement) 'Dissertion?'
KC: 'You know, the thing you do at uni...'

*proceeds to wet self*
nice fish

A note from a friend

Well whatever his reasons woz decided to delete his journal. He told me here and asked me to let people know. I hope his friends know to check on here.

My hope and belief is simply that it was taking up too much of his time (as it does for me too) but it was a rather drastic and unexpected way to deal with it even so.

Hope things are OK with the guy who has been a bright light to many of us :)
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