July 17th, 2002

nice fish

A bike ride (of the motor variety)

I've been threatening to do this for a while. In conjunction with my good friend Sarah, I've been organising a bike ride for anyone who wants to come along. So here it is! Sunday the 8th September in Reading. The plan is to meet at Sarah's house then either sample her cooking or depending on numbers find a non-smokey pub to have a bite to eat before going for our ride :) Suggested meeting time is midday to give us all time to arrive and a decent stretch of the afternoon to ride in.

If dylan gets his Honda VFR750 MOT'd and monoshock replaced he should be able to make it, possibly with a pillion (uberredfraggle?).. I'll be turning up of course on my bike with kissycat1000 as my pillion. My old friend who cryx knows, who might soon be getting a journal might also turn up on his bike, no known pillion as yet. I'm also hoping that my friend Rose from London might be able to make it on her Yamaha Diversion 900, possibly with her boyfriend Matt. And of course Sarah will be riding her BMW 1050RT (I think it is) with her husband Tony as pillion :)

It'll be a blast! More detailed plans when numbers firm up :)
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