July 2nd, 2002


Productive :)

Well I went home last night for the first time in.. well.. a while. goddesssnoweh had taken over my room! Still, she (and eze, who hasn't updated LJ for ages hint) gave me a hand tidying it up and I carried on and hoovered, washed my sheets and clothes, did a fair bit of work for my mum and finally put in the invoice for the last year's work - 430 odd quid :)

Was really busy, much needed but good. I have been super-organised and remembered some things to take with me for kissycat1000. Forgot stuff for the rats unfortunately, but they'll cope :)

Plans seem to be to go to kissycat1000's tonight, work from *ahem* home tomorrow and ride back into work on Thursday.. roleplaying on Saturday and finally back over to kissycat1000's on Sunday, which could be very interesting.

Life is full and good :)
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nice fish

Customer Service Shocker!

OMG! After some considerable difficulties (due to the closure of their Bristol branch), I managed to trace down the company that made and sold me my biker jacket. I told them that the puller for the zip that attaches the jacket to the trousers all the way round had fallen off - they simply asked me for my name and address, told me how to do it and are sending me another one! Wow.. I'm impressed.

Self-service is much better than trying to send the whole damn thing down to Plymouth to have fixed, plus it means I'm not without my jacket - a rather big safety consideration.
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More proof that kissycat1000 is in fact a geek (in heavy disguise, granted): "Go and see if the tea and coffee is ready to be downloaded!"

..honestly.. :)
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