June 6th, 2002

nice fish


kissycat1000 is MUTED!!! OMG! So funny! Her keyboard seems to have died on her! She is having trouble typing anything. I just found that SOOOO amusing, seeing as how she likes to chat so much.

What's even better, she can't even flame me 'cause she's been crippled!! Oh yeah!

I should probably point out this is not so bad as it seems - there are plenty of other keyboards at her disposal where she is...
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nice fish

A lovely day

kissycat1000 and her adorable son Jordan came down to visit explore@bristol. We had a great day going around the place. He seemed to really enjoy himself, bouncing off the funny mirrors and gazing in fascination at the water machines. Um, until he brained himself on.. uh.. a brain - lol! Still, he forgot about that pretty quickly.

We were going to have a picnic on the downs but it was a bit too damp for that so we had it in the front room. Lots of nice things to eat and beer to wash it all down. Perfect :)

Went upstairs to amuse Jordan with music and winamp plugins, while we crashed on the bed laughing at Jordan's antics. Bless him, he was absolutely idyllic all day, right up until he got too tired and decided he wanted to go home. It's just a shame kissycat1000 didn't decided to turn back when he fell asleep in the car. Oh well she'll know for next time :)
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