May 8th, 2002

nice fish

Sorting things..

Haha! At the beginning of this week I decided I would finally get around to sorting out a load of little bits and pieces that have been nagging on me and bringing me down.

  1. Yesterday I filled in the form and sent off all my stuff to the insurance ombudsman to sort out my bike insurance 'cause they were being shitty
  2. I have now sent off reverendhatty's duff HDD for replacement
  3. I have sent Enermax an email about the buggered power supply
  4. I have called the car insurance company to get them to send me through my policy
  5. I filled in a web form for JVC about my car stereo front panel that got stolen
  6. I have sorted out my LJ interests and bio (go and look!)

I have decided that the rest of this week will be dedicated to getting all these little things cleared up. On Friday I should hear about the technical architech job I want to do. After that it's open season for me for projects and I'll let everyone know that should do that I'm looking :)
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