April 15th, 2002

nice fish

Wow what a weekend :/

This weekend has been longer and more difficult than I could have anticipated. In terms of things I did and the fun I had it was good. However in terms of emotions it was a rollercoaster.

On Friday I came back home from work to a LAN that eze had arranged.

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nice fish

Arrangements and stuff...

I'd just like to announce to all the people that have been bugging me over the last week or so: The FTP server is UP! Go and leech it and stop bothering me. There. Said it :)

On another note it's looking likely that I'll be heading off to Nottingham for this Wed-Fri. I'd like to stay Friday night as I suspect there's some good clubbing to be had but I have to be in Godstone (South London) for a lunchtime meal on the Saturday with my Grandpa and family - it's his 90th birthday.. so I will probably have to take it easy on the Friday night. Hope to meet up with purrthecat and possibly darwiniantheory (although I must admit I know nothing about him) if they're around :)

Anyway I *might* get to go swimming with kissycat1000 tonight... I surprised her earlier by telling her I brought my swimming stuff to work and made her happy - YAY! :)

Now I had better go and prepare for my performance review which has thankfully been put off until next week sometime. Also got to look into visas for China...