April 4th, 2002

nice fish

Bah! Beaten again...

Aw shucks. I wanted to be the first to post about last night but I was beaten to it again by kissycat1000.. *sigh* I guess I will just have to do something by myself so I can make a post all of my own :p

Woke up this morning feeling tired and sore-throaty. I refuse to get ill :p Nice quiet night in for me tonight, playing games etc. Roll on the weekend :)
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nice fish


Okay I dunno what it is with the last couple of days... but yesterday I was invited to go to China with my ex, Kerry, and we're also meeting up later on this month in Nottingham; today I got invited to Amsterdam with my step-brother Ollie and some of his mates, and dylan just called asking if I wanted to go out with him to a rock club tonight.

Whoa! What is going on? Summer's hit people hard and fast and they want to get away!

Anyway, I turned dylan's offer down as I need to get some R&R before this weekend - I left work today not feeling too great. Instead he's coming here and we're going to kick around - probably go to the pub.

Hehe I'm psychic.. got up just as he arrived. ;)
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