March 26th, 2002

nice fish

Pram - toys = me...


Bah - Don't ask me why but I'm in a bad mood. Don't mean to be, but even getting to bed early last night didn't help as I had a fitful sleep. I was alright last night until goddesssnoweh, eze and I asked Jon for his digital camera, when he turned round and had a go at us about the amount of money we owed. I think that started the bad mood off, but after that the rest of it was pretty much my own doing, throwing my toys out of the pram and being generally obnoxious.

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nice fish

Ha har!

Yes! I am in a good mood because there was a cocky guy in the pub this afternoon. He sauntered up to the pool table when Ric and I eventually managed to finish our game (admittedly we took a long time as we weren't particularly in the mood for it). He pushed in front despite us having a couple of nuggets on the table. He said he'd play winner stays on in his smarmy cocky attitude, so I agreed *grin*.

Apparently throughout the game he was making faces whenever I was taking my shot, but I beat him. Twice. *grin* :)

He flirted with some girls and later on made a comment about me not adhering to his stereotypes. I replied that I wasn't someone to adhere to stereotypes ;)

I wasn't threatened by him, in fact I quite liked him - at least he had personality :) His attitude was alright; he lost graciously despite trying to put me off by telling me it was a pressure shot and that he'd actually 'play properly' in the second game. Aaaaah *smirk*. I took him down a peg or two *grin*.

Well just thought I'd share that all with you and get on with the rest of my day :)
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nice fish


This is something I have been meaning to write for a while now, and it's been building up more and more as I have thought about it. It started when I read the story I am about to tell you and later observed some of my colleagues at Orange hitting anyone trying to take any of the bunch of grapes on the desk, and I told them this story. (Thanks go to Ric for forwarding me the story). It is quite thought provoking and lead me to think about some other things (quite diverse and lengthy) which I thought I might share with you - perhaps it will cause some of you to pass comment.

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