March 5th, 2002

nice fish


Today has been an odd assortment of things. To reflect this, I will post in an odd assortment of things type way. Here is what I did today:

I went to work, which was somewhat frustrating, but eventually ended up making progress. Got home and fixed up kissycat1000's car. Had a good conversation with goddesssnoweh and EzE. Managed to upset kissycat1000. Made this post. Went to bed...?
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nice fish


What a stressful day! So far I have had to install loads of libraries we have been having problems with in front of an audience of varying number, sometimes up to 4, with some of them offering not-so-helpful advice. It's enough to work with someone when doing these things, but 4??? I ask you.

Of course was totally unable to speak to kissycat1000 when she came online - luckily I had set my away message to reflect I was busy so hopefully that didn't piss her off more.

Oh and of course let's not forget the keyboard incident this morning, when my spacebar decided to stop working and the helpdesk refused to help me, so I have just stolen another computer's keyboard. What a great system.

And the showstopper was that a large upgrade section of the project looks like it's going to get canned, which means we might be able to stick to our release targets but now the pressure is basically on Ric and myself to sort out the problems we already have and the problems that canning the upgrade will cause as well with the Retailers. Oh joy.

I wonder if anyone else wants to have a go today - why not? Seems to be open season. After this brief 'lunch' I must get back and finish off installing the libraries and seeing if the program works. I will be relieved when that bit is out of the way.

Back to the rest of my day...
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nice fish

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I've got through the rest of the day. My brain is dribbling out of my ears now though. Think I've got a little further with these damn libraries.

goddesssnoweh asked me to get some KFC for her on the way back home but I forgot in my absent-mindedness.

We're going to have loads of meetings tomorrow to sort out the mess that is the remains of the project. It's looking like we might be able to reverse the decision as we're going to have a hell of a lot more work to sort out the mess that's left than if we just carried on with the original plan.

I happened across voofy in some random LJ browsing - I thought I recognised her. Lo and behold it's true! It is her! Such a small world... ;)

Just having a rather difficult conversation with kissycat1000, but I think it's gone alright.

Now to my more basic needs. Food. Sleep. Relaxation. Later :)
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