February 28th, 2002

nice fish

Case mods ahoy!


Okay yesterday was a day of productivity. Today is turning out to be a troubleshooting day with lots of busy-ness all round.

I'm just writing this while waiting for something to time out in the system I'm testing at the moment. Nearly there :)

Well enough of my work.

Yesterday after work Ric and I went to the Mall at Cribb's Causeway to look for strips of metal I might use for a case modification project I planned for that evening.

We had no luck in the Mall, and decided to get a pizza and have a chat while we were there. As always it was a good chat that was fairly enlightening.

I sinned twice yesterday. I had a beer at lunch time, but only because it was free. Ric then bought me a beer with the pizza, which he also bought - very kind of him ;). Ah well I think I might have to make an exception every now and again for a mid-week free beer :)

So I spent most of the evening doing this case modification (which you can read about by clicking below if it should interest you) and ended up knackered and didn't make an entry as I had intended before crashing out to bed.

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