February 3rd, 2002

nice fish

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How geeky is this? I'm sat round at kissycat1000 and Rob's house writing this on my laptop as Serena talks on the phone to her mum. I've done the test that cryx and kissycat1000 did.. here is what I got:

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

I am not saying a word! It's not true! Okay so that's several words. Oh well.

Went out last night in Cheltenham and caught up with a mate of mine James who used to go to uni with my ex. He might be coming down to Bristol with any luck - I should ring him up and organise it.

Forgot about the 'moderation' thing when I had a few beers on the Friday night - woke up with a stonking hangover.. oopsie. Ah well I recovered and I didn't overdo it last night.

Went roleplaying yesterday with my hangover and then when I could finally eat something I ate loads and ended up falling asleep - nothing really unusual there then ;)

Sam didn't get her job at the school which is a shame. However her ex is coming over with the kids today and her dad is coming over as well for pizza and beers and a movie, so that could be fun.
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nice fish

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I've just sat and worked out my finances for the next month. As long as I don't eat or drive anywhere I can afford to pay Jon (chocojon) and Andy back the money I owe them and get another 120GB HDD in time for the BadgerLAN next weekend.. aah well at least I have my priorities straight ;)

Failed to get my glasses back from my motorcycle instructor - his mobile was switched to answerphone when I tried to call him this evening when he asked me to call back. Bah. [addendum: I now have my glasses after he rung back ;)]

Went food shopping on the way back from Cheltenham. I think that's the first time in over two months - impressive, no? Sat in with Chris (Sam's ex) and Sam's dad (Steve I think) for a while - was ok.

I had determined to start trying to sort out my MP3s today but I didn't get round to it. Might still try and make a start after this..

Oops maybe not.

Well we're in the process of ripping a few DVDs now and just about to watch swordfish so that should be fun. :)
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