February 1st, 2002

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Ah well we've had word that it's not as doom and gloomy as we thought - there's just a few issues to be worked out. However if you believe anything that honeyed you'll believe anything..

Friday afternoon blues. Not helped by the dismal weather outside. Looking forwards to kicking back and starting the weekend with a couple of beers with my mate Ric from work, and maybe a few games of pool in the local pub this evening.

The local pub has recently installed a new pool table. It's got a black velvet cloth and balls that react to the ultraviolet lights installed above it - way cool :)

Looking forwards to going roleplaying tomorrow and then hopefully up to Cheltenham on Saturday evening.

Feel the imagination go into this post. It's positively throbbing with it.

Oh - looks like Colin won't be coming down for the clubbing trip at the end of February - with the current plans he'll miss it by a week. Shame... still it's not like I won't have enough on my plate to worry about, or should that be worry others with?? :)
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