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I seem to have a large decision to make over the next month or so.

I was sent to some sort of correctional facility - not sure why. I remember wearing my denim with leather waistcoat, with another nearly full-length leather coat over the top. Everyone else filed around in full length woolen overcoats, going from A to B in almost military fashion, although with the stooped shoulders and dragging feet of ones who have long since given up any shred of hope.

I remember going through various things that stripped me of my humanity in a subtle way, and remember drawing comparisons to a sort of genteel version of a concentration camp. I rebelled against what was being done to me by having philosophical debates with one of the staff memebers, who took the form of an attractive employee at my company. She sympathised but ultimately sided with her employer, leaving me feeling somewhat discomfited.

I woke up before any outcome made itself clear.

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