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Want want want

Well, I'm still thinking about a Mac mini, but I also notice that the Athlon64 Winchester (3500+) is decidedly power thrifty - which means really quiet very fast machines are possible! So, I'm very tempted to get a motherboard to support it, that has no fans on board, that will allow software control of the CPU fan, that will take my AGP Geforce 6800 GT and my 2x1GB PC3200 DDR.. and they're both quite cheap! Cheaper than the Mac, that's for sure. But I am tempted to leave it a while longer, as I don't actually need a faster PC than my current Athlon XP 2600+ Barton that's overclocked to 2800+...

Instead I should be good and use the money I've saved to sort out the spare room, finish my electronics project, sort out the master bedroom etc.

Opinions? I'm feeling quite impressionable.

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