Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

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Not Quite Right..

So I took my sleeping tablet like a good boy earlier this evening. Yesterday I mean. And then I woke up, and had been awake for ages. Fearing it to be nearly time to get up I looked at my clock and it was 2:45am. My throat has swollen right up, and I have flu-like aches. I was bitterly cold for most of the time I was trying to fall asleep, then when I woke up I felt like a radiator. I took some cold and flu tablets before I remembered I wasn't supposed to take anything with these sleeping pills. I'm not sure if it's the flu or the mixture of pills, but I'm feeling very off-balance; things aren't moving in the way I expect them. I keep finding myself having forgotten to breathe; at least that's what it feels like.

I've made myself a pot of tea (first ever!) and stuff. So I'm going to drink that and play games and try to ignore how I'm feeling.

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