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If you want something doing properly, do it yourself.

My bodge-it-and-run plumber left all sorts undone and not finished: the overflow pipe from the cold water tank in the loft, the insulation, screwing the floorboards back down, the pipe into the shower, no isolation valve for the cold water feed to the shower, unblocking the shower, checking the water was working to the essential services before the party, etc etc. I've paid him most of what he wanted, but he's not getting any sodding more than that. I've been unable to get hold of him and he's not answering my messages.

Anyway I've just sorted out the shower (amidst unstoppable gushing water) so I can now have showers again. I also sorted out the insulation while I was up there. I now appear to have a lung full of glass fibre, which isn't so good. Whoops.

My laptop keyboard seems to be behaving itself now (touch wood), though seemingly in spite of my efforts to take it apart and fix it.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow morning to see about my inability to get a good night's sleep - even the sleeping tablets are not really guaranteeing it, and coming off them leaves me back at square one. I'll get to sleep in a little tomorrow too and be woken by kissycat1000 and Jordan :)

I did seem to manage to stay awake for the second half of roleplaying, which was a nice change.

Will have to see if I can repair my project at some point soon.

Oh yes, work's ISP migration phase 0.5 I'm doing the DNS/IP side for went well and on schedule, so phase 1 will happen this coming Friday. Think it will mostly go smoothly now (fingers crossed) so I'm a little less stressed now :)

Out with squeeza on Wednesday - not quite sure what we'll do just yet. I'm sure I'll think of something :)

On the whole I think things are looking up. Somewhat of a breakthrough after coming to a head on Sunday - I started talking and connecting. Something I haven't been able to do for.. er.. months? Maybe the doc will have some other answers for me tomorrow. I've not got enough time or energy to sit and work out what the problems are for myself. How sad is that?

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