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Well that was unpleasant. I've been in bed nearly all of today with what looks like the same bug that ev1ldonut had. Of course it probably didn't help I had a 'large one' last night with gavzilla. Whoops. I felt loads better after the wonderful kissycat1000 bathed me and washed my hair :). But now it looks like kissycat1000 might be getting it too :/.

Off out now to get some nice food to eat. Hopefully it won't come back up now, I think I'm over that stage hopefully :/

And I got called twice today by our network engineer because I'm dealing with the DNS side of things but it looks like Star are unable to complete. So I'll have to hope I can sort it out tomorrow so that it can still go ahead this weekend, otherwise everything gets pushed back a week and I have to miss another thing I had organised for a weekend.


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