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Ow ow.. I have a mild hangover from last night's drinking. I went out with my housemates and met up with some friends of ours and had a few beers in the pub and chatted loudly about nothing in particular, which was quite fun.

Ow. I have this damn hangover to get over now though.

Anyway that was last night.. I was going to fix computers in preparation for tonight's LAN that eze organised. Oh well so it's slightly less organised. So what? I have had enough of fixing computers recently.

On Wednesday night I went back over to see kissycat1000 after popping back home to pick up my swimming stuff.. it was a good night, up until I dunked her in the freezing cold plunge pool, which I later discovered she really didn't want to do. Ended up going back to hers with pizza.. never really felt like I'd sorted out the dunking incident with her until the next day when we chatted about it on IMs. But anyway things were good - we were able to slump on the sofa pretty much together while Rob was playing C&C: Tiberian Sun on his computer - so good and lighthearted affection there :)

Got roleplaying organised for Saturday and then Sunday I can spend doing chores and cleaning and shopping and all the other things I never manage to get round to in the week.

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