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I had some strange dreams last night which I can remember some parts of. I can't remember the start, but I really wanted some of those mini kievs filled with cheese, so I (presumably) got some from a supermarket. A sort of frozen selection pack in a bag, except they weren't frozen.

Anyway, I caught a bus back and I think I might have been on a night out as I went into the basement (!) of the bus and lay down with my snack-type food. The basement was made of grey metal and smooth, although in shapes to get around the wheels and other bus type things. Somebody made an appearance while I was lying there so I decided to go back up, guessing my stop would come at some point anyway. There were a few other people on the bus; probably some upstairs too. It was night time.

It turned out kissycat1000 was driving the bus (a double decker, plus basement). I think ev1ldonut was there peering over her left shoulder. Anyway, rather frighteningly she skipped a red light (presumably having not seen it) and sat in the middle of what turned out to be a very busy junction waiting to turn right. Cars were coming from almost head on on the other side and we stopped. kissycat1000 clearly thought that she had done no wrong and was waiting there for them to finish before she set off again. They cleared, and she started moving the large, slow, heavy, awkward bus. I (and ev1ldonut) noticed cars coming now from the other direction - side on towards the left hand side of the bus. Most of the cars stopped but two of them decided they could get around in front. kissycat1000 accelerated pondorously, seemingly oblivious to the two cars about to drive to their doom in front of the bus. It was a heart-stopping moment, but the cars made it. I remember raising my voice in fear and anger at kissycat1000 but she was certain she wasn't in the wrong.

During all this distraction none of us noticed that she was in fact driving towards the edge of the road which had blue corrugated iron fencing - sort of temporary construction type, with garbage and other crud at the bottom where the road disintegrated and curved down. We shouted at her to steer left and somehow she managed not to crash into the fence. I wondered what the other passengers were thinking about all of this.

I think I got off the bus around that point. I remember running after the bus down narrow cobbled streets with bramble overgrowing from the sides, wondering how the bus could get down here (I think I may have been reminded of the bus from the Harry Potter movies). I could see it's lights on the slick cobbles just after I rounded the previous corner. However that soon disappeared and I tried to follow its route home, which took me 4 hours. I got back in in an upset mood and had about 2 hours to get some sleep before I had to be up again for the next day.

I think I woke up then. At about 5:15am. I'm still not getting much sleep, and it's making me grumpy and depressed. kissycat1000 suggests I see a doctor because it's having a bad effect on me and doesn't seem to be going away.

While I'm in the mood, I had another dream the night before. This one had a sort of game-show feel to it. Quite like "The Running Man" I suppose, but not so showey. I was of course the one being hunted, and there were traps and puzzles I had to solve to get my way through. The scene I remember most clearly was that I had done something like this before, but now there was a woman with me, who I was keen on I think. Anyway we might have had the ability to stretch our limbs or change shape like putty, but the bits of the dream surrounding that are unclear.

We started off in a little wooden shack on the top of what looked like a multi-storey car park made out of the same thrown-together planks of wood. It could have been an oil-rig type affair as I remember a tower and saw some people coming down it with guns. I decided the best approach wasn't to wait until they shot us to pieces in the hut but to run through them creating as much confusion and mayhem as possible. I ran, leaving the girl to her own devices. I sort of felt bad about this but I knew she could more than take care for herself. I remember running at a guy climbing a ladder and kicking him in the face. I don't think he fell off but it threw him off-balance. I used the opportunity to swing down to the level he'd just climbed up from. Another guy on the same level but the other side turned to aim at me; I swung down to the level below.

That's all I remember.

I spoke to a work colleague and mentioned that I've been waking up early for the last two or three weeks. He apparently had the same thing a while back and it was due to stress.

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