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Full of Christmas Spirit

And the headache to go with it *groan*. Last night was a lot of fun; fiendster and I watched Queen of the Damned whilst drinking beer and shouting at the telly (must remember I'm on call - whoops). Then we watched an episode of Brak after just the right number of beers and it was hilarious. I am SO going to have to put some episodes on in the middle of the next party at the right time!

Was up until about 1am when fiendster wobbled home on his push bike and I drank some water in a half-hearted attempt to keep it together today.

After yesterday, last night was a good catharsis; I'm actually not dreading stuff in the future now. In fact, if I sat and thought about it I could almost get moderately anticipatory :)

Not long before I get to go home from work :)

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