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Rah! I have braved the Christmas Crowds

Christmas has been somewhat last-minute (no surprises there then) so I rushed home after work and got on my bike to beat the parking nightmare and the traffic, and to park literally right outside the shops. Winnah!

Plus wearing a jumper and a big black armoured leather biker's jacket and striding purposefully around caused shoppers to scatter in all directions out of the way of my army-booted feet. Bonus!

After a wolfed-down Burger King (ugh) I tackled the shops. Shop. After tackling the isles for a considerable while I found everything I wanted and made a hasty exit, via one other shop to get some wrapping paper.

Back at the bike (which I amusingly parked and locked to the bicycle racks) I realised I was going to have a slight dilemma with the meter long tube of wrapping paper. After entertaining ideas of stuffing it down the front of my jacket and realising it was going to get horribly in the way I had the brainwave of stuffing it down the back of my neck and back. Winnah, again!

So imagine if you can, a dirty great biker on a great big british racing green Triumph Trophy 900 with a tube of wrapping paper sticking out of his neck precariously negotiating the rush hour late Christmas shopping traffic. I nearly laughed myself and I couldn't even see myself.

Oh, and when I checked which direction the Shop was with some teenagers in the streets, I called them kids.. sheesh, I'm so getting old. Or something. But not grown up. Not just yet :)

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